• Cannabis Law and Your Business

    Morton Street Group keeps your business compliant with the ever-changing Cannabis Laws.

  • Whether you are starting a cannabis business, already involved with the industry, or just curious about your options, Morton Street Group is here for you.


    Launching a cannabis business requires determination and perseverance. Cannabis legalization can be difficult to follow because the laws are in a constant state of evolution. There is also a lack of uniformity between the states and the federal government, which can make starting a cannabis business confusing and risky. While many states and foreign countries have legalized cannabis use, there are still many obstacles to starting a cannabis business. Morton Street Group guides businesses in securing capital, proactively handling regulatory scrutiny, finding suitable real estate, gaining access to credit, and navigating complicated tax treatment. All of these issues require a clear understanding of the applicable laws and regulations in order to provide our clients with a holistic approach to working and succeeding in the cannabis industry.


    Morton Street Group attorneys are experienced advisors to the vast array of participants in the cannabis industry, from state cannabis license applicants to product providers, investors to management companies, as well as the various other entities affected by federal and state marijuana laws.


    An overview of our services follows below.

    • Regulatory
      • State agency licensure
      • Post-licensing compliance such as employee training and adherence to standard operating procedures
      • Advising businesses about relevant federal law
      • Potential litigation and court challenges to state licensing programs
    • Intellectual Property
      • Patent applications and prosecution
      • Trademark selection, registration, and infringement
      • Unfair competition litigation
      • Licensing agreements
    • Corporate
      • Business formation, mergers, acquisitions and dispositions
      • Management agreements
      • Contract drafting/negotiation
      • Tax matters
      • Partnership and investor disputes
      • Investments and financing
      • Land use and zoning matters for cannabis-industry properties
    • Labor and Employment
      • Employee medical marijuana cardholder accommodations and disputes
      • Employee handbook creation and revision
      • Non-compete and Non-disclosure agreements
      • Labor peace agreements as part of licensing applications
      • Labor compliance plans as part of licensing applications