• Business Consultation

    The Morton Street Group offers turnkey solutions for startups and small to mid-sized businesses in the legal Cannabis industry. From LLCs to limited partnerships, we guide your business through every phase along the way to ensure maximum profits as well as protection from liability.

    We listen to your concerns, priorities, and goals to determine the proper structure for your business. We help with the application process for a cannabis business license in your state, suitable for your type of transactional activity. Then, on an ongoing basis, we support with everything from vendor contract consultations to employment issues.

    Our client’s success is the best indicator of our unique and thorough approach to cannabis consulting. The Morton Street Group knows that your business is different. This is why we are so passionate about tailoring client-specific solutions for the cannabis industry.

  • Intellectual Property

    Your ideas – your intellectual property – always need protecting. This means that you should protect all aspects of your business identity with patents and trademarks. The application process for patents and trademarks in the Cannabis industry is different than in other industries because cannabis is classified as a Schedule I substance. Don't worry, though. We'll discuss what's unique about your business and create a strategy to ensure that no one steals your great ideas or business assets.

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