• Comprehensive Legal Services

    Have a Lawyer on Your Team from Day One

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    Guidance During the Licensing Process

    We go the extra mile!

    The Morton Street Group delivers consulting, legal, tax preparation, and accounting services all under one agreement. This streamlined, comprehensive agreement means that you never have to worry about business details falling through the cracks. You are not left to shop for other team members unless you want to include other partners in your process.

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    Guidance During the Life Cycle of Your Business

    Ongoing Support

    Once we get you up and running with a your license, we stand by your side, ready to help with review of contracts, support for HR issues, trademark registration, and ongoing compliance.

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    Crisis Support

    Ready to step in when there is trouble

    Did someone infringe on your trademark? Did a vendor contract go awry? Do you need to sue someone? We can step in and offer crisis support.

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    Retainer or Subscription-Based Legal Services

    Choose the approach that meets your needs

    The Morton Street Group offers legal services under retainer agreements, or through subscription-based services. Inquire for plans to determine the best plan for your cannabis legal needs.

    What's the BIG DEAL About Cannabis Law?

    Why not just use templates online and hire an attorney when there is trouble?

    Let's face it: there are templates and online legal services out there that are cheaper than hiring a live attorney. That might work if you were running another kind of business. But this is different: this is cannabis.


    What's the BIG DEAL About Cannabis Accounting?

    Why Can't I Hire Aunt Mary Lou to do my Cannabis Bookkeeping?

    Cannabis Accounting works hand-in-hand with Cannabis Law. Stay in compliance at all times by hiring an accountant who has specialized training in the cannabis industry.

    More Help with Cannabis Fundraising -- Legally!

    One of the hardest things for the cannabis startup is raising money to submit the license application.

    Let's talk about how you can get the help you need.